I graduated in 2018 from

Western Washington University,

trained in

Industrial Design +

User Experience


WWU Industrial Design Outstanding Senior (2018)

IDSA NW Student Merit Award Winner (2018)
IDSA West Student Merit Award Finalist (2018)
Boeing Engineering & Design Scholarship (2017-18)

My happy places:


Since I was too young to know what design was, I have had an unending curiosity as to how things work and why they are a certain way. My interest in design came from my experiences taking products apart, fixing things when they break, and ultimately working alongside my father. He brought me onto his construction sites when I was old enough to swing a hammer, and I have spent many summers working on custom building projects learning the fundamentals of how to make things that work and stand the test of time.


I am fascinated by the way that a well designed object can improve someones life, whether it be a tool for construction or a software interface. After graduating from the Industrial Design and User Experience program at Western Washington University, I am fortunate to have developed a skillset that allows me to pursue a variety of projects involving products, user experiences and interfaces, websites, graphics and more.


The field of Industrial Design involves more than just creating products. It involves applying curiosity to the world around you, which serves not only as one of the coolest foundations for a career but as a mindset that enhances nearly every part of your life. I look forward to a future in this ever-changing profession, and am excited for all of the creative projects and people I will meet along the way. Let's build something together!