Aluminum Armor is a line of protective cases for the Apple iPhone and MacBook Pro. This project was an independent study at WWU. The goal was to design and fabricate a product that maximizes protection and usability while maintaining an aesthetic that complements Apple's devices. 

Protection for consumer electronics.




MacBook Case.


Made of a single sheet of aluminum lined with a waterproof neoprene pouch to absorb impacts and keep the laptop dry.

iPhone Cases.


Like the MacBook case, made of single sheets of aluminum lined with neoprene to absorb impacts. One version has an impact resistant polycarbonate screen guard, and one is minimal. Phones slide into the cases with a secure pressure-fit.

Design process.


Many case designs were explored throughout the phases of ideation, market research, material research, and prototyping. The ideal design would combine minimalist style + pure materials + protection.

Material research.


For this project I wanted the materials to drive a significant amount of the designs. Material research was done right up front to explore what is available - conventional or not. Below are some of the findings:

Market research.


Essentially a collection and analysis of every case style available. Compiling all of this data helped to get a read on what people are buying, the different case styles, and where there was a gap in the market that I could address.

Prototyping & fabrication.


One of the primary goals of this independent study was to physically create these cases. Prototyping was done concurrently with ideation and research, and the combination of findings within these phases resulted in the final design.

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Final designs.

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Performing this independent study was an exercise in designing for - and protecting - highly refined consumer electronics. If you liked it, please share!